Beer keg cooler for 6 kegs / zinc plated

Interior: 945 liters Capacity: 6 x 50 l Euro or Din-KEG, Doors: 2 pieces, adjustable feet: 6 pieces, Insulation thickness: 45 mm, Compressor 1/4 HP / R 134 a, Temperature range: +2° C to +10° C, External dimensions: w 1500 x h 995 x t 1300 mm incl. aggregate


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Beer keg cooler for  6 kegs / zinc plated

Beer keg cooler for 6 kegs / zinc plated

Execution of the Beer keg refrigerator galvanized, stainless steel interior floor, cooling unit above,Thermostat and defrost timer circuit, incl-plug cooling unit.Easily replaceable, continuous magnetic plug seals ensurethat the doors properly and well closed finish.Keg cooler with independent transmitter close door locking block inside the housing(safe for children - only to open with 4 kg of pressure)Assembly and disassembly quickly and easily with snap closures.