CO2 / N2 tank switcher

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CO2 / N2 tank switcher
CO2 / N2 tank switcher CO2 / N2 tank switcher CO2 / N2 tank switcher

CO2 / N2 tank switcher

This automatic switching bottles is monitored via electronic pressure sensor and solenoid valves switched by 100% duty cycle. Furthermore, a priority circuit is integrated, which always the first pressurized bottle on and active as long retains until the bottle pressure (adjustable from 1 - 10 bar) drops below 4 bar. Only then will the second CO2 or N2 bottle is unlocked and the first to be replaced. After the exchange, however, the second bottle will remain active until this below 4 bar (adjustable from 1 - 10 bar) falls and then control returns to the first. Visually, these operations are indicated by LED´s. Three existing LED?´s Show the status of the switch on (Two LED?´s Show the lines of, Led green = pipe filled, Led Orange = switched line, Led Red line = blank). If both bottles are empty, this will also signaled acoustically by an additional buzzer! The entire unit is built into a housing which is attached to the wall.FEATURES* Small size (W x D x H 300mm x 200mm x 120mm)* Wall mountable * Optical Display Line Condition* Acoustic signal when both lines are empty* Three Free contacts for dispensing systems display* For CO2, N2 mixed gas air?

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