Soda- and Water- and Magnesiumwater dispenser/ READY FOR USE

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Mobile desk, made of stainless steel, high gloss polished, incl. 4 wheels, fixable, incl. door, optional glass grille,
incl. 3ltg. petrol pump for soda water and cooled water
and cooled magnesium mineralized water,
incl. drip cup, incl. cold carbonator 1/4 HP with water cooling & cooling pipe for water,
incl. CO2 bottle 2 kg, with fitting,
incl. water filter station adjustable incl. water filter Everpure 4C,
incl. BWT bestdrink V PREMIUM Filter / for Magnesium mineralisi. Water, incl. BWT filter head standard,
Carbonator with 2 litre soda water tank in water bath, injection engine with Procon pump, stainless steel casing, compressor 6,93cc, cooling capacity, ice bank 6,5 kg, 27 l,
Peak 45 l / tap capacity continuous 18 l,
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz,
Dimensions: approx. 700mm x 600mm x 930mm (bxtxh)

On site only a power supply and a water connection are necessary!

✏️Bei We can also supply other ready-to-use
Delivery of dispensing desks for e.g. beer or post-mix systems, etc. !
Please let us know your exact specification! ✏️


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Soda- and Water- and Magnesiumwater dispenser/ READY FOR USE