DX14 computerised dispensing unit

We are proud and happy to present our latest computerized bar equipment.
The digital dispensing systems of the DX series were developed according to the latest state of beverage technology.
The operation is done by most modern XXL-touch keyboards, with almost unlimited possibilities.
- Credit, debit or mixed operation with credit display possible - control of all beverages purchased
- intuitive, easy handling
- Simple, efficient, fast workflow
- Best beverage quality
- Can be connected to any well-known POS system
- Short amortisation
- Profit optimization
incl. 1 WEB waiter lock with transponder technology installed,
incl. 7 magnetic waiter transponder keys,
incl. supply transformer,
DX 14, suitable for 14 valve positions,
incl. tubing, wiring,
including electrical completion and programming.
Please order valves separately!
Please order drip cup separately!
Glass height: 230 mm / plinth extension optional.
Dimensions: h 480 mm X W 1270 mm X d 360 mm


EUR 16.191,76

incl. 20 % VAT excl. shipping costs

Product.Nr. 03.00066

weight 30,00 KG

DX14 computerised dispensing unit

DX14 computerised dispensing unit

Housing in CR-NI stainless steel, hood can be opened (with shock absorber), lockable with cylinder lock; computer compartment can be opened on the housing; therefore optimal accessibility!
14 illuminated coloured micro-touch control panels 4.3" (109.2mm) - freely programmable, can be turned over, table number input, key display when credit is due for withdrawal or when liquid withdrawal has been interrupted. Illumination of the tap outlets, if the withdrawal key is attached to the device. Free programming via PC or laptop. - Remote maintenance via Internet optional. Empty level indicators for CO2 + N2, as well as beer + wine optional. Prepared for FLOMATIC-Elektro-POM dispensing taps, control computer WEB X42/32, for control and accounting of up to 16 MikroTouch and 32 (expandable to 64) programmable outputs.
64 inputs (expandable to 128) for buttons,
Error indicators and volume control. 6 locks (on MicroTouch),
16 encoder inputs (expandable to 32)
4 serial ports + TBT bus,
1 10/100MBit Ethernet connection,
1 USB connection (to the PC),
2 enable relays,
1 SD card on board.
Portioning volumetric or with time,
Connection possibility for terminal, spirits, coffee, etc.,
15 waiter places, day & night price, time or volumetric, divisions, lock allocation, follow-up connection, credit memory, waiter lock, with cash network KREDIT-DEBIT possible.
14 valve units are installed at extra charge and must be ordered separately.