Counter, tap mobile to "The self tap


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Counter, tap mobile to "The self tap

Counter, tap mobile to "The self tap

A new era for draft beer: Revolutionary PTO speed with the most accurate dosing.NDT, the worldwide leader in innovative beverage dispensing technology, introduces Exactap & Exact Pour quick dispensing equipment for beer.NDT has redefined beer dispensing systems, with user-friendly solutions for high-volume outlets such as stadiums, restaurants and bars.revolutionary speedIncreases sales = sales0.5L tapped in 3 secondsUp to 67% reduced workNo more VorzapfendosingIncreased keg yield = Profit8-24% Higher yield per CECprogrammable presentationDigital-foam controlvolumetric portion control-Approved by UK "Weights & Measures"Complete data availability= Optimized data managementinventory managementIntegrated POS SystemMobile Complete "Plug and pour Quick dispenserExactap Dispensing TechnologyProtected through cooling technology with high capacity.-Requires kegs at room temperature or colderCooling capacity of 150 liters in 15 minutes-Perfect Beer PresentationComplete with all mounting parts Integrated electronic Kegleermelder

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