Bottles control system Bottle Lock

Bottle Lock controls sealed bottled beverages using CodeCaps. The device detects up to 254 different price groups or beverages. The locks can be reused at any time. 10 locking sizes are suitable for all common bottle head sizes, e.g.: sparkling wine, champagne, wine, AF or swing stopper bottles. Device complete with electronic control, connectable to WEB computer


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Bottles control system Bottle Lock

DRINKOMAT bottle controlOur newly developed DRINKOMAT AUTOMATIC BOTTLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM comprises a computer-like box and various programmable bottle stoppers that feed back to the main box, and provide information about beverage quantities poured from any bottle. If due to a clotted bottle stopper a waiter has to make more than one attempt to open the bottle, the device takes account of that. It now comes equipped with a multifunctional display and is also available with a key pad that allows waiting personnel to correlate ordered bottles with a specific table number.The DRINKOMAT AUTOMATIC BOTTLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a cost-effective, stand-alone device and has a serial port. Its newly designed body made from stainless steel stands up to the highest quality standards.Body Nirosta/stainless steelMechanical dimensions 305mm x 146mm x 325mm(Width xHeight x Depth) Height of bottle with bottle stopper attached height of bottle + 30mmHeight of bottle with bottle stopper for height of bottle + 65mmsparkling-wine bottles attached Interface RS 232Maximum number of tables 999Maximum number of waiters 63 Power consumption 20 VA