"The self-tap" / self-service quick beer dispensing system

"The self-tap" is specially designed for self-service by the guest, but also for their own staff.
This equipment is designed to provide a perfectly tapped beer even after hours of non-use.
Ideal for installation in beer gardens, stadiums, hotels, self-service restaurants, large festivals or anywhere,
where beer needs to be tapped.
Each guest can easily tap their own beer.
Connection of different payment or release systems is possible and can be implemented according to customer requirements.


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"The self-tap" / self-service quick beer dispensing system

"The self-tap" / self-service quick beer dispensing system

A new era for draft beer: Revolutionary PTO speed with the most accurate dosing.NDT, the worldwide leader in innovative beverage dispensing technology, introduces Exactap & Exact Pour quick dispensing equipment for beer.NDT has redefined beer dispensing systems, with user-friendly solutions for high-volume outlets such as stadiums, restaurants and bars.revolutionary speedIncreases sales = sales0.5L tapped in 3 secondsUp to 67% reduced workNo more VorzapfendosingIncreased keg yield = Profit8-24% Higher yield per CECprogrammable presentationDigital-foam controlvolumetric portion control-Approved by UK "Weights & Measures"Complete data availability= Optimized data managementinventory managementIntegrated POS SystemMobile Complete "Plug and pour Quick dispenserExactap Dispensing TechnologyProtected through cooling technology with high capacity.-Requires kegs at room temperature or colderCooling capacity of 150 liters in 15 minutes-Perfect Beer PresentationComplete with all mounting parts Integrated electronic Kegleermelder

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