L Ami du Vin inert gas generator / SALE

necessary for L Ami du Vin dispensing head, please order separately dispense head!


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L Ami du Vin inert gas generator / SALE

L Ami du Vin inert gas generator / SALE

The L´Ami Du Vin inert gas generator is part of the wine serving system consisting of L´Ami Du Vin dispense head (Art.7060), polished chrome, metal works, m. Riser and inert gas generator (Art.7062)The fascinating wine bar with simultaneous protective effect by the operation of nitric oxide in capsules. One capsule is enough for about 4 bottles. The inert gas N _ O fills the empty volume in the bottle become fully so that no air access to the surface of the wine is no longer possible. The wine is protected effectively against atmospheric oxygen contact. The inert gas generator for the L´Ami du Vin, Article 7062 is used simultaneously for multiple bottles, such as wine tastings. The control of the flow of wine from the Polished stainless steel tubing is sensitive to the lever of the inert gas generator. - No dripping!