Python (8/3) 3 m, // SALES

Python 3,5m8 lines 6.7 mm x 9.5 mm (suitable for 3/8 "push-in fitting)3 lines9.5 mm x 12.7 mm (fits 1/2 "Push In Fitting)Diameter of approximately 68 mm


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Python (8/3) 3 m, // SALES

Python (8/3) 3 m, // SALES

Tubings of the beverage pythons are consistently marked with stripes of different colors and SK numbers. The Pythons meet the fire protection class 1 All Python tubing types are suitable for quick connector. The pythons are produced with 13 mm Armaflex. If necessary, we also provide desired combinations and lengths. Please fill out the inquiry email, we will process your request as quickly as possible.[TAB:DATA-SHEET]Datenblatt/0601420.pdf