Surcharge for valve unit PM + special mixing block + H2O + syrup

Valve unit Flomatic 424, suitable for postmix, with double coil and cover, additionally with special mixing block and 2 additional valves for still water and syrup, installed in computer dispensing unit.


EUR 432,00

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Product.Nr. 03.00230

weight 30,00 KG


Surcharge for valve unit PM + special mixing block + H2O + syrup

Stainless steel , polished , hinged lid , lockable with cylinder lock ;Computer- fold on the housing and therefore optimum accessibility !Lighted * TFT * Keyboard with deluxe version - with 4 x 15 freely programmable keystable number input keys flash when credit is due for removal,or when liquid extraction was interrupted.Free programming via PC or laptop. - Optional remote maintenance via internet.Vacancy ads for CO2 + N2 + beer and wine optional.Flomatic electric POM dispensing taps with ceramic FLOW CONTROL ( SK 263-001 ) for both beverage lines ,2 solenoids per valve, for example sprayed drinks;Standard computer WEB 160/32 to control 32 valves (outputs ), 160 Portion groups (inputs) ,expandable to 48 valves (outputs ); opto board , valve extension board, ABC (All -bottle system ) board optional;Serving several devices can be connected via a PC interface .Ports for printers , cash registers, PC connection as standard .Accounting for 15 waiters at 2 price levels as standard (day, month , numbers , lines , totals , etc.).Expansion to 128 waiter optional.Possible with funds composite CREDIT DEBIT.WEB waiter lock with transponder technology is installed at an additional cost .Gold plating , copper plating or powder coating color available for additional charge !UNIT FULLY PROGRAMMED - PLUG READY !PRICE ON REQUEST ![TAB:DATA-SHEET]Datenblatt/Schankkopfblatt.pdf