Water filter station / table water filter system+ leak protection

Protection against water damage!
Set Waterstop 3/4" leak protection system with 3 sensors & alarm,
incl. table water filter system, READY TO USE.

Very simple & quick installation.
Quick opening and closing of the magnetic valve at the push of a button.

The system is attached to the water connection and the humidity sensors are placed under the equipment to be monitored. As soon as a sensor detects moisture, a warning signal sounds and the solenoid valve closes automatically.
Via the control box, the alarm signal can be switched off and the solenoid valve opened again.

Set consisting of control box with warning signal, 3/4" magnetic valve,
Wire mesh hose EPDM DN10 stainless steel 3/4" - 3/8" / 150cm,
3 humidity sensors with 6m cable each, power supply 230VAC,
Table water filter system with Everpure filter head QL3-b,
regulated water outlet with 10 mm stainless steel hose nozzle,
Water pressure regulator with pressure gauge (red pointer adjustable),
additional display for supply pressure (red pointer adjustable),
with stainless steel mounting plate h 16.5 cm x w 16.5 cm
Total height incl. manometer: 21 cm
Please order Everpure water filter cartridge for dechlorination and water purification (for example 4c) separately!

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Water filter station / table water filter system+ leak protection