WEB - Bottlefiller 4F

Bottle filler 4F for 2x miniature bottles & 2x larger bottles. For the filling of approx. 2000 - 3000 pcs miniature bottles (20 ml) per hour. This filling machine fills keystroke, fully automatic 2 or 4 bottles. The two outlets are left for miniature bottles of approximately 10 - 100 ml optimized - the two right outlets are optimized for larger bottles. Energiser of tank containers, tanks, bag in box, etc. Bottle filler suitable for e.g. Liquor, wine, oil, syrup, Apple juice, cider, vinegar, etc., with volumetric portioning, filling rate and filling freely adjustable, Micro Touch panel 2.8 "(71,1mm) 4 Flowmeter and 4 adjustable solenoid valves installed, Kplt device. made of stainless steel, with hosespre-programmed and ready for use, incl. transformer 230V / 24V / 60VA,2 m connecting hose 9.5 x 12.7 mm pre-assembled.self-priming diaphragm pump optional.Height 640 mm / Width 370 mm / Depth 120 mmWeight approx 17 kg


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weight 17,00 KG

WEB - Bottlefiller 4F
WEB - Bottlefiller 4F WEB - Bottlefiller 4F