WEB capacitive keg switching system for 2 kegs

Never change kegs during operation!
More tapping convenience with significantly fewer losses.
The keg status indicator allows staff to easily identify empty kegs during operation and change empty kegs during operation.
The changeover unit controls three feed lines and communicates with the WEB- DX dispensing system.
During the changeover process, the portion is stopped by means of a stop valve and then the remaining portion is dispensed.
Incl. 2 stainless steel ball valves electric,
incl. 2 capacitive empty level detectors for beverage hoses.
The beverage does not come into contact with any components of the empty level detection!
Incl. 2 vent valves, which, if necessary, can be briefly actuated when the keg is changed.
Incl. relay with change-over contact to control a blocking valve during the change-over process (for non WEB- DX- systems).
Power supply 24V


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