WEB Multi-Bargun with 16 keys

WEB Multi-Bargun for 4 spirits, 5x syrup, 1x water, 1x soda water,including handle with stainless steel spout, 16-ies keyboard,Cable kit and 11 series hose kit,with stainless steel protection tube 1.5 m,including valve block, 24 VAC


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WEB Multi-Bargun with 16 keys

WEB Multi-Bargun with 16 keys

A word from the manufacturing WEB drinks Barguns produced.Optionally, the WEB drinks Barguns are fitted with portion control.Of course, they are also common to allConnecting a computer dispensing systems.A world first, the equipment with nano-touch technology(patented) dar. This creates an ultra-modern, Invoice timing andenabled control system.Features of the nano-touch ® Barguns: - Standalone able - Fully networkable - Credit and debit Able - Programming of follow beverages - depositable product prices - Management of accounts waiter - Common billing of several nano-touch ® modules through networking - 32 keys - Several key levels - Number of keys per level adjustable - Configurable color buttons Table input - Waiter lock connectable - Touch screen Technology