Flowmeter Digmesa Premix

Digmesa Flowmeter FHKU 40 Arnite BSF 1/2", 938-2540/01, plug for Flowmeter please order separately!


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Flowmeter Digmesa Premix

Flowmeter Digmesa Premix

Flowmeter with encoder for controlling the flow rate, for use in beverage line, even when the amounts of regulated pressure variations, suitable for beer and premix drinks. The food Flowmeter is a universal precision flowmeter. It measures, controls or dosed with constant precision and ensures accurate amount of liquid measurements. The built-in food addition, a pulse flowmeter guarantees a practically unlimited useful life. The special positioning of the impeller guarantees absolute freedom of running. Depending on the device type, there are several overlays, materials, electrical properties.

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