Gas Alarm Device for 1 Room

Analox 50/50M / complete Carbon Dioxide Analyser


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Gas Alarm Device for 1 Room

Gas Alarm Device for 1 Room

TheCarbon DioxideAnalyserunit is designed to detect the presence of CarbonDioxide in ambient air for the protection of people in confined spaces. The Ax 50 provides audible and visual indication of potentially dangerous levels of Carbon Dioxide in the air surrounding the instrument. The instrument uses an Infra Red detector system, together with state of the arttechnology. It is housed in an IP65 splash proof enclosure, and isdesigned to provide long, trouble freeservice, with minimum maintenance. The Remote Alarm Repeater mimics the status indicators on the main Ax 50. It also provides a push-button which operates inthe same manner as the Mode switch on the Ax 50.If you have more than one entrance to your cellar or store room you may need more than one Remote Alarm Repeater. Up to three repeaters can be daisy chained (one repeater linked to another) covering up to threeentrance doors.[TAB:Data-Sheet]Datenblatt/1603202.pdf