PE Ultra 3/8" (6,7mm x 9,5mm) natural

Excellent flexibility, odorless and tasteless
Ultra-smooth inner surface; reduces the formation of biofilm; low adhesion of bacteria and yeast; extended cleaning cycle. Suitable for use with 3/8" quick connector.

Available per meter, 30m waistband, 50m waistband, 100m waistband

Inner diameter: 6.7 mm
outer diameter: 9,5 mm
Wall thickness: 1,4mm,
FDA, NSF, SK , European regulations 89/109/EC and 97/23/EC, 2002/72

Operating temperature range: -10 to +50
Safe operating pressure:11 bar
Bending radius: 30mm


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PE Ultra 3/8" (6,7mm x 9,5mm) natural

PE Ultra 3/8" (6,7mm x 9,5mm) natural

PE flexi hose is a two-layer construction consisting of a PE inner layer with a flexible copolymer outer layer. Designed for the beverage industry for product and cooling applications where additional flexibility and kink resistance is required.