Upper counters dry cooler WEB-25/K + air compressor

service-friendly upper counters dry coolers, suitable for beer, wine, water, ... Ideal for use in the home or for small garden parties. Minimal energy consumption and within 3 - 4 minutes ready t use. Housing made of highly polished stainless steel with handle. including side trip tray . 1 cooling coil (1 x 13.5 m). 1 Compensator beer tap (me / cr). Alu - cooling block with cast-in evaporator Refrigerant R 134 a Chiller 1/8 HP, cooling rate 30 l / h at Delta 12 ° C. Discharge temperature 2-6 ° C. Built-in air pressure - Compressor 2.6 bar. (the built-in, high-quality air compressor allows the beer spigot without CO2. Thus, the CO2 valve and the CO2 bottle is spared.) Dimensions: h 368 mm, b 167 mm, t 281 mm, incl. drip tray 428 mm. Weight: 16.4 kg.


EUR 630,66

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Product.Nr. 27.00538

weight 16,40 KG

Upper counters dry cooler WEB-25/K + air compressor

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